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3 barangay officials make fake I.D, birth certificate to claim 'ayuda' from SAP


One netizen posted on social media that a recent case of people faking their IDs and birth certificates in order to claim the money “ayuda” from the Social Amelioration Program (SAP) has been discovered by the police.


According to Jun Andeng Ynares' post, the three barangay officials are stealing to get government assistance, ignoring the fact that the money belongs to Filipinos who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic.


Crystal Tutanes, Charles John Lozada, and Gian Paulo Gabriel are the names of three barangay officials who are stealing money. The three officials are from Barangay Cupang and one member is making fake IDs and birth certificates, while the other two are claiming the money or "ayuda."



Besides of kicking them from working in barangay, they are currently jailed and facing the case of the three barangay officals, What are your thoughts about this? Do you still want them to work in barangay or not?


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