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4-years-old boy dies after swallowing candy in Leyte


In Baybay, Leyte City, the 4-years-old boy lost his life after he swallow his favorite candy, According to the child's grandmother, candy is his favorite food, that is why they are confident in what he eats.


According to the family of the boy, there is still a chance for Kier to survive if the two hospitals had treated the situation correctly.


There is no doctor in the infirmary at the first hospital, that's why they transfer to a bigger hospital. They wait for nearly an hour and 30 minutes in the hospital, but no one responds to the ambulance calls to move the child.


Aside from that, the second hospital ignored the kid because he needed a swab test first before they entertained him; the hospital is for saving lives, but how does ignoring someone's life fit into that?


The two hospitals must apologize to the child's family for their negligence in the child; rather than saving his life, they simply ignored him, and that is why he did not survive and lost his lovely life.


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