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40-year-old mother is now in urgent need of assistance due to a serious illness

A 40-year-old mother is suffering from an unexplained illness that has left her weakened and she has two children to support. As you can see in the photo, the mother is extremely thin, and her face reflects the serious illness.


The mother identified as Lorna Padua Buenvieje who’s struggling from her illness and Gemma Grezola Diaz, the person who took the photo of the mother, posted it on social media.


They both lived in Pangalangan San Carlos City, Pangasinan, and Mama Lorna seems to be unable to breathe properly, that's why Gemma is knocking on other people's hearts, because she is worried about the mother's condition.


Gemma believes that with the help of social media and modern technology, things will become easier when you needs assistance and support from others. She also believes that many influencers are willing to assist, that's why she is knocking on other people's doors.


If there is a good samaritan out there who wants to help Mama Lorna battle this illness, please email Gemma at this phone number: 09298504635. You can also give it to Mama Lorna's checkup via Gcash.


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