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69-year-old man reports 'gold-digger' ex-girlfriend to Raffy Tulfo

A 69-year-old man sought help to Filipino broadcaster Raffy Tulfo in order to talk to his ex-girlfriend for possible reconciliation and solution to their problems as a former couple.

According to Alberto Frio, a retired US navy, had a 4-year-relationship with Ronelyn Solis, 29, who once became a balut vendor and a worker in a mall.

Frio said he has been supporting Solis and her family with their expenses. In his estimation, he already gave almost P4 million to them in the span of their years of relationship.

However, in return, Frio claimed that Solis is just wasting his money for her other boyfriends. He added that Solis even bought a car for one of her guys and emptied his ATM card.

Solis, on the other hand denied all the allegations. She also insisted that she does not want to be reconciled again with Frio adding that she wanted to break up with him long before but unable to do so because of the threat that Frio gives.

As a resolution, the two have agreed through the help of Tulfo that they are going to sell the properties that Frio gave to Solis so they could share it equally. Frio is also asking for P1 million from Solis as a payment for all the money he gave to her and her family.


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  1. Yan ang karamihan mangyayari sa oldman need parin ng sex .sa tutuo walang magandan dalaga napapatul sa matanda kung walang singdamakmak na wealth.


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