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76-year-old grandma, swims in ocean to collect coins for living

The ocean seems to be the best friend of a 76-year-old woman from Lucena, Quezon City because it is where she usually goes whenever she needs money for her and her family’s daily living.

Lola Maria regularly goes to the ocean not to fish but to collect coins so she would have something to buy food once she gets home.

According to reports, tourists from Dalahican Ferry Terminal usually throw coins in the ocean to see natives, including Lola Maria, diving deep down the water. 

The old woman knows the danger of swimming deeply into the ocean because of her age but since she usually earns  P100 to P200 pesos she takes all the risks just to have money especially because she has family depending on her.

Before, Lola Maria used to dive with her husband but today, she does it all alone together with her small pocket and boat which is not considerably safe because of some holes on it.

However, because the story of the old woman trended online, many netizens already extended their help to  their family with a hope that Lola Maria would stop diving in the ocean for her own safety.


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