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Blind woman inspires netizens after graduating as summa cum laude


Studying may be hard especially to individuals who have disabilities, nevertheless, a blind woman from San Carlos City was able to graduate from college with flying colors.

In spite of her not having a  sense of sight, out of 400 graduating students, Minnie Avelina Juan successfully graduated as the first ever Summa Cum  Laude  in Virgen Milagrosa University Foundation.

No details about the course taken by Winnie is presented but according to her, she would like to use the knowledge she gained from college in teaching special education  to persons with disability (PWD) like her once she has her master's degree.

With Winnie's determination, a lot of people are being  inspired by her. As a matter of fact,  even her friend and former classmate Amelia Vicente is being motivated to study because of her.

May Winnie be a reminder to all the youth, especially to PWDs, that whatever conditions they have, they are capable of achieving their dreams and that their disability does not make them less as a person.


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