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Catholic nun cries, kneels in front of policemen to stop shooting civilians

As security forces intensify in Myanmar, a Catholic nun bravely stood alone in front of the armed policemen to protect the people of the country who hope to see peace once again.

With humbleness, Sister Ann Nu Tawng knelt down while crying and pleading to the policemen to stop targeting and shooting civilians.

Sister Tawng said to the police, they can shoot her if they intend to but the protesters do not have weapons and are just fighting for the peace that they want to reign in their land.

She was already warned to leave by the security personnel because life is already in danger but the brave nun refused as she believes that she has already prepared herself for the goodness of the church, of the people, and of the nation.

Sister Tawng  already pleaded twice to the police and already helped a lot of protesters escape from beating and arrests of the armed forces.

The chaotic situation in Myanmar started after the Military forces took  control last February 1 because they cannot accept the newly elected leaders of the country saying that there was a massive fraud during the election.


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