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Construction worker, returns money he found on demolish building in Quezon Province

 They admires now and compliment by the officials of the Quezon Province as a construction worker returns money that he found on the  demolished building where he is working on a construction site.


The honest construction worker was Alberto Lascano, estimated to 14,000 pesos that he founds on the demolish building, on the other hand, Mayor Cesar Isaac III admires the construction worker for his honesty.


“The loyalty shown by construction worker Alberto Lascano where he returned the money he found to Guinayangan Mayor Cesar Isaac III was amazing.” According to the post of Facebook page ‘GO Quezon’.


ABS-CBN NEWS said that Lascano sees money inside the cabinet it was put on torn white envelope, “The money was worth 14,500 pesos and he said it was better for the mayor to hand over the said amount because he found it in the demolished building of the allied forces,” ABS-CBN said.


According to the statement of Mayor Isaac, Lascano immediately returned the money to Mayor so that he can give it back to its owner.


“I told the construction company, that construction worker of yours is extraordinary, I'm really grateful, I said, there's still Guinayangin who has a good heart to give such things to the real owners.” Mayor Isaac said.


After he turned over money to office they immediately found the owner and give his money, the money was looking for a long time by the owner.


However, Lascano receives reward from real owner of the money and also he receives compliment to the officials and to other people in social media because of his honesty.


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