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Delivery rider becomes instant hero after saving toddler falling from 12th floor

A delivery rider who is just about to deliver a package suddenly became a hero after rescuing a toddler who was hanging from the 12th floor of a building at Nguyen Huy Tuong Street in Hanoi.

According to reports, it was February 28, when a delivery rider named Nguyen Ngoc Manh, 31, noticed that people around him were panicking until he saw a little girl dangling in the air, approximately 50 m above the ground.

As an immediate response, Nguyen jumped off his truck and climbed onto a two-meter high tile roof that covers the electric generators for the complex and situated himself to where the little girl might land. 

After a minute, the little girl lost her grip off the balcony. Nguyen was not able to completely catch the toddler but he prevented her from falling down on another roof.

The toddler was immediately brought to  the hospital. Thanks to Nguyen because she did not injure herself severely and only dislocated his hips. Meanwhile, Nguyen sprained his hand from saving the child.


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