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Factories in Taiwan affected by water drought as IC chip production hampered

Plans to ramp up production of chips in Taiwan have been obstructed by dry spell droughts, affecting factories' water supplies.

Chipmakers have reportedly been buying truckloads of water for their foundries in preparation for meeting future water demand. 

Taiwan is one of the world's biggest producers of chips, had promised to help the US, Germany and Japan by speeding up manufacture.

Several Taiwanese chip companies, including TSMC and United Microelectronics, have said they will have to start using lorries to supply water.

Meanwhile, Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen has called on residents to conserve water and prepare for shortages as the island faces a drought.

Tsai said that the government is closely monitoring water conditions throughout the island and that it will take steps to ensure a stable supply of water for industries and households.


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