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Free Chinese language program for migrant workers opens up in Taichung

An annual Chinese language program for migrant workers in Taichung designed to help them assimilate more easily into Taiwanese society will kick off March 20, an official of the city's Labor Affairs Bureau said.

The course, launched by the Taichung City government's Labor Affairs Bureau, will run for 10 weeks at the city's ASEAN Square, said Hsu Ya-ting, a city labor official.

The 50-hour basic-level course will cater to Vietnamese, Filipino, and Indonesian migrant workers, with preference given to those who work in Taichung, and will be split into three groups, Hsu told CNA.

The classes of about 30 students each will be held on Saturdays for Vietnamese and Filipinos, while classes will be held on Sundays for Indonesians. They will focus on daily conversation drills to help migrant workers improve their communicative skills with their Taiwanese employers, the Labor Affairs Bureau said in a statement.

Registration has already begun for the classes, which will be held at Taichung's ASEAN Square, which hosts numerous Southeast Asian supermarkets, restaurants, bars and dance clubs popular with Taiwan's migrant community.

The program for migrant workers was introduced in 2017 and has been held every year since then, according to Hsu.

A total of 255 students enrolled in the program last year, according to statistics provided by the Labor Affairs Bureau.

As of the end of January, there were 104,712 migrant workers in Taichung, according to Ministry of Labor statistics.


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