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Girl bodies found without clothes under the bridge in Pangasinan


The body of the girl was found under the small bridge without any kinds of clothes in Calasiao, Pangasinan.

In the report of Russel Simorio in GMA REGIONAL T.V in "Balitang Amianan" on Thursday that there is no identity from the victim and it is also suspected that is a raped.

A young man who sees first the body of the woman and was covered from plants under the small bridge in Barangay Ambonao.

According to the story of young man, he smells a bad odor and looking for cause of the bad odor in that area. the finger of woman was saw first by the young man and found out that it is a body of a woman.

Based on the autorities that there is a possibility they throw the body of victim in small bridge, They also notice cellphone and short of victim near in the area where they saw the body of woman.

The woman found is between 35 to 45 is the age of victim and height is  5 ft. has a long hair and silver jewellery.


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