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Lord Nazarene’s face seen on broken wall in Taal, Batangas

The portrait of the Lord of Nazarene has been seen on a part of the wall in a street in Bolbok, Taal, Batangas. Is it a miracle to see the face of the Lord Nazarene or is it just a man-made image?


Residents of Taal and others from across the country gather in the area to pray, but it is not within the church, but rather in the wall.

Many of them are holding their own rosaries and candles, and they are sincere about praying for the country's well-being, while some are praying for their own health.


This is a Jovito discovery of the Lord of the Nazarene's face on a shattered wall; residents believe that the Nazarene is their protection in times of calamity and hardship, particularly in this time of pandemic.


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