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MMA instructor kicks student’s face during sparring

The Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) instructor has been mocked by netizens for what he did to his new student. It is not right to bully a new student, particularly when it comes to physical activity, as it may lead the student to become afraid.


According to a post by professional MMA fighter Jason Vergara, it is not appropriate to harm new students since they are inexperienced in self-defense.


We can see in the video that the MMA instructor made kicks to his newly enrolled student, Nick Primavere. As a result of what he did to his student, many people on social media are disappointed with him for his irresponsible teaching to his student.


Vergara also claimed that Primavere's friends supported him in what he did to his students, and Primavera also stated that he is doing these martial arts just to protect other people, but he fails to do so.


Vergara uploaded the video to teach a lesson to the other MMM Teachers about training Mixed Martial Arts. He tries to teach the MMA instructors that it is not right to hurt their students in any way, and that they must be trained properly enough that they can learn a lot from them.


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