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OFW get punched in chest and threatened with knife by employer's brother

An overseas Filipino worker in Hong Kong expressed her frustration and anger online after the brother of her employer  punched her in the chest and threatened her with a knife.

In a video that circulated online, the Pinay domestic helper can be seen crying while narrating her painful experience.

According to her, the man came from China and just visited his brother's house which happened to be her boss. 

The man then started uttering words in Chinese which the helper cannot understand. Minutes later, he punched the OFW's chest and held the knife in her direction as if threatening her.

The helper said, the man is accusing her of laziness when in fact she  was cleaning the house and the garden when he came by.

This story of abuse among OFWs  is not very rare to us nowadays. A lot of Filipino workers are actually experiencing maltreatment from their bosses or foreigners either physical or emotional. With these, may the Philippine embassy in every country be vigilant in helping our fellow Filipinos be safe and free from any danger.


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