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Several water reservoirs in Taiwan almost drained out, water shortage worsens

Water levels in six reservoirs have fallen below 20 percent of their capacity according to the Water Resources Agency (WRA).

The six reservoirs are the Second Baoshan Reservoir, which provides water for the Hsinchu Science Park, Yongheshan Reservoir, Mingde Reservoir, Liyutan Reservoir, Techi Reservoir and Zengwen Reservoir, which is the largest reservoir in the country.

The water level at reservoirs in northern Taiwan -- Baoshan, Yongheshan, Mingde and Liyutan -- were at 12.43, 11.81, 10.64 and 15.08 percent capacity as of Monday, respectively.

Meanwhile, the Techi and Zengwen reservoirs in Taichung and Chiayi were at 10.19 and 15.22 percent capacity, respectively, WRA statistics showed.

In an effort to deal with the acute situation, WRA officials will discuss workable measures with companies based in the Hsinchu Science Park, including the last resort, digging wells, to ensure a stable water supply if the lack of rain continues.

The persistent lack of rain has meant reservoirs across Taiwan are drying out faster than at any time since 1965, a phenomenon that was triggered last year when no typhoons needed to maintain a stable water supply made landfall in Taiwan.


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