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Taiwan allows 6-month contract extention of contracts of migrant workers

The Ministry of Labor's (MOL) Workforce Development Agency (WDA) said that migrant workers in Taiwan whose contracts are about to expire will be eligible to obtain a six-month extension.

WDA cites the need to reduce international travel amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The new extension will apply to migrant workers who are about to reach their maximum years of service in Taiwan between March 17 and June 30, WDA said.

In that time period, employers can apply for a six-month extension for migrant workers who have less than four months left on their final contracts, the agency said.

MOL statistics shows 10,653 applications for contract extensions had been received by the government, 3,929 of which were for domestic helpers.

Meanwhile, according to Article 52 of the Employment Service Act, migrant workers engaged in domestic work shall not exceed 14 years of work in Taiwan while migrant workers engaged in other types of work like factory workers shall not exceed 12 years.


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