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Water shortage crisis in Taiwan warned by experts as dry spell worst in the last 56 years

A looming water shortage crisis in Taiwan amid a months-long dry spell in parts of the country unseen in 56 years warned by Central Weather Bureau (CWB) Director-General Cheng Ming-dean.

The decline in water levels nationwide due to a lack of rainfall has led to increasingly dire water shortage situations across the nation.

A high pressure system blanketing southern Taiwan has created a stable atmosphere, preventing rain from falling in the region, where water shortages are especially severe, CWB Director explained.

Taiwan relies mainly on the plum rains and rain from tropical storms to fill its reservoirs but occasional plum rains brought by seasonal northeasterly winds will not be enough to end Taiwan's water shortages.

The persistent lack of rain has meant reservoirs across Taiwan are drying out faster than at any time since 1965.

Local government urged residents to observe water-use guidelines and to use potable or tap water for cooking and drinking, and reclaimed water for general-purpose cleaning.



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