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Woman builds dream house thru online selling despite criticisms from friends

Netizens are now inspired with the success story of an online seller who managed to build her own grandiose house just from online selling in  spite of the fact that a lot of people look her down for being just a seller.

In a social media post, Kat Liam Lucas Trujillo-Ureta shared how bitter and difficult her journey has become just because she is an online seller.

According to her, a lot of people, even those who she treated as family and friends, commonly unfriend her on Facebook just for them not to see the products she is selling.

“‘Sayang si Kat no, naging online seller lang.’ Yan ang mga salitang parati kong naririnig sa mga kaibigan at relatives ko noon,” said Ureta, the founder of Perfect Skin All Natural, a supplier of organic beauty, cosmetics and personal care products in Bacolod city.

But after how many years, everyone was shocked when Ureta shared some photos of her house which is 60% accomplished.

The house has a 721-square-meter floor area standing in a 638-square-meter lot. It has a 7-meter-wide swimming pool, a jacuzzi, seven rooms, a garage that can park five cars, and a garden patio.

With her success story, Ureta hopes that her fellow online sellers will be inspired and be proud of their jobs because to be an online seller is a decent job that one should be proud of. 


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