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OFW quits abusive employer, robbed by fellow OFW in a quarantine facility in Manila

An overseas Filipino worker who was allegedly abused by her employer in Kuwait has returned to Philippines.  But the help given to him by his compatriots at the airport, was stolen from the quarantine facility in Manila by a fellow OFW.

Maribel Cantillo, who is from Aurora Province cannot control her emotions on what happen.

Cantillo was in Dubai for a stop over when her fellow Filipinos saw her crying. Fellow OFWs contributed to give him a little help but he lost consciousness due to hunger.

In the two years that she will work as a domestic helper, she was not given a day off.  He also said that his employer did not follow the agreed salary.

Aside from the abuse, she was also not given the full two months of his salary that he would have brought home amounting to P43,000. Instead, she was given only 50 Dinars or about P8,000.

When sge returned to the Philippines, she was the victim of her compatriot at the quarantine facility in Manila.  He allegedly took the money given to him by his compatriots who helped her in Dubai.

Despite on what happened, Cantillo is thankful that he was able to return home safely, and he is also thankful to his fellow OFWs who helped him.



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