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High fever from COVID-19 vaccine means more antibodies: Japan research

According to research by two hospitals in this southwestern Japan city, people who develop a fever after their second COVID-19 vaccine shot show greater antibody levels.

"The higher the fever, the more effective vaccination is," Kyushu University Hospital and Fukuoka City Hospital said antibodies tend to follow the same pattern for those getting their third booster shot.

Higher levels of atibodies were seen in people who developed a fever.

Those with higher fevers tended to have higher antibody levels. Individuals presenting a fever of 38 degrees Celsius or higher had on average 1.8 times the antibodies of those who remained below 37 C

"Adequate antibody levels were obtained regardless of whether a fever developed, but people who had them also had higher antibody levels," said Yong Chong, professor at the Department of Medicine and Biosystemic Science, Kyushu University Faculty of Medicine.

"No matter the side effects one develops, they can be treated with an antipyretic analgesic, which will not compromise vaccine efficacy. We want people to feel safe and get vaccinated," the professor added.

(Context from Kyushu News Department)

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