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Hong Kong needs 7K caregivers; salary reaches up to P100K


Hong Kong needs around 7,000 caregivers due to its growing elderly population. The salary will reach the equivalent of P100,000 per month.

Among those who want to accept the said territory of China are Filipino caregivers because they are known to be caring and hardworking.

It would be an advantage for the applicant to know Cantonese, which is the language most people in Hong Kong speak.

This is said to be a good opportunity because the Department of Migrant Workers has already had a bilateral meeting with Secretary Susan Ople and the Labor and Welfare Minister of Hong Kong.

"[The salary] is around 12,000 to 20,000 Hong Kong dollars. If converted into pesos, it is around P85,000 to P140,000. Subject to negotiations, subject to an agreement," said Ople. 

The DMW has formed a team that will go to Hong Kong to iron out the agreement between the Philippines and Hong Kong, including the salary, benefits and details of the contract to ensure that Filipinos are protected.

Meanwhile, for those planning to fly to Germany, negotiations are being finalized to send Pinoy healthcare and skilled workers there. 

South Korea is looking for more factory and agricultural workers, so the number of Filipinos who can work there has been increased.


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  1. How to apply as caregiver? No experience but willing to work.


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