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Taiwan recorded 9 earthquake all near Hualien County in the last 10hrs

Taiwan recorded 9 earthquake in the last 10 hours in Hualien. From 7:00 in the evening on Feb 15th to 4:50 in the morning of Feb 16th, data shows from Central Weather Bureau (CWB).

CWB said that the quake at 07:00 on the evening of Feb 15th was the main earthquake, which is a normal energy release. The other 8 are aftershocks.

Magnitude 5.5 at  19:00 of Feb 15th
Magnitude 5.1 at 19:05
Magnitude 3.2 at 21:18, 
Magnitude 3.1 at 00:56 of Feb 16th
Magnitude 4.0 at 03:16
Magnitude 4.9 at 03:20
Magnitude 3.7 at 04:13
Magnitude 3.8 at 04:50
Magnitude 3.1 at 05:40

CWB said the earthquakes are normal release of energy is a positive development for eastern Taiwan, which is where the descending Philippine Sea Plate goes under the Eurasian Plate, resulting in a broken tectonic area that causes earthquakes.

There will also be a chance of aftershocks in the next few days, reminding the public to be careful.


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