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Taiwan see travel ban issue as political citing One-China Policy, Philippines denied

Taiwan government thinks that the Philippines’ reason for imposing the travel ban is “political” rather than being health-related.

The Philippines observes a “One-China policy” under the 1975 Joint Communique between the Chinese and Philippine governments.

The Philippines “respects the position of the Chinese government that there is but one China and that Taiwan is an integral part of Chinese territory," MECO chairman Angelito Banayo said.

"I asked the President last night, he said the ban has nothing to do with it," Presidential spokesman Salvador Panelo said, answering a question in a press conference on whether the ban is related to the "One China" policy.

According to the spokesperson, President Duterte wants time to conduct a more comprehensive study of the travel ban on Taiwan.

Philippines pronouncement angered Taiwan, which criticized the move as politically motivated.


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