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100-year old patient recovers from novel coronavirus, use blood plasma for treatment

A 100-year-old coronavirus patient suffering from Alzheimer’s has recovered after being treated with blood donated by former patients.

The Chinese centenarian, known by his surname Wang, has other underlying health conditions including high blood pressure and heart failure, according to Chinese media.

He was among more than 80 patients who were discharged last Saturday from Hubei Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital in Wuhan. Mr Wang received two therapy sessions using blood donated by recovered patients, said Cai Chen, a doctor from the hospital.

'Considering the patient was very old and he had a relatively weak immune system, we decided to use recovered coronavirus patient's blood plasma as the main treatment,' Cai Chen told the press.

Scientists believe the treatment works, in theory, by putting disease-fighting proteins from recovered patients into people still battling the illness. The sick patients' bodies can then use these proteins – called antibodies – as if they were there own, instead of having to make them from scratch. 

Chinese hospitals have said they are using the therapy already but only on their patients – there is no mass-produced drug or supply of it.

The former patient, who had just celebrated his 100th birthday, was diagnosed with the coronavirus on February 24. He was unconscious when he was admitted to the hospital, Zeng Li, director of the hospital's infection department, told the press.

'The fact that we used anti-virus blood serum [from recovered patients] to cure the centenarian is going to boost the confidence of other patients,' Zeng Li told the state broadcaster CCTV.

(By Daily Mail)

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