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About 70% of Taiwan's COVID-19 cases have mild symptoms with chances of recovery: CECC

Majority of coronavirus COVID-19 patients in Taiwan suffer from mild symptoms, Chang Shan-chwen of the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) explains in a analysis report.

Despite the mild symptoms, 205 of the patients are still in hospital and under quarantine.

Chang says this is because it takes three weeks or even up to 50 days before a patient's third test result to come back negative and doctors won't lift quarantine unless negative for three tests.

He also says a  84-percent of the cases are imported, indicating that massive community transmission has yet to happen in Taiwan.

Of the 235 cases analyzed, 73 percent displayed mild or moderate symptoms such as a fever or cough.

The age bracket of 20 to 29 takes up the biggest share among the patients because many are either tourists or overseas students who came back from high-risk countries.

Of the 235 cases, 38 were locally acquired while 197 were imported, according to Chang.


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