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Amazing golden trumpet trees blossoms in southern Taiwan's Chiayi

Golden Trumpet-tree, a common street tree in the cities of mid and southern Taiwan, are blooming at its peak during March. The golden flowers swaying against the wind, forming beautiful scenery like raining gold coins.

The best shot of golden trumpet trees in Taiwan are located at Zenyi Road, Zhongpu Township in Chiayi County.

Apart from Chiayi, there are other place that golden trumpet trees blooms like in Houli to Dachia Bridge in Taichung, Hoti community in Kaohsiung, Forst Park in Taitung among others.

Handroanthus chrysotrichus, commonly known as the golden trumpet tree, is a semi-evergreen/semi-deciduous (shedding foliage for a short period in late spring) tree from Brazil. 


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