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Another doctor died due to COVID-19, Philippines records 9 frontliners deaths

Philippine Pediatric Society president Dr. Sally Gatchalian passed away after battling with COVID-19, the doctor's sister Ruby Rodriguez confirmed the news on Thursday.

In her latest social media post, Ruby wrote a farewell message to Gatchalian.

"We will only remember you with happy memories, laughing and sleeping, your johnson outfits and all... Be at peace, do not worry about us anymore. Have fun in heaven! Love you so much!" she said.

On the other hand, Medical director Dr. Saturnino Javier said on Thursday, some 22 nurses of the Makati Medical Center are in home quarantine following exposure to COVID-19 patients,.

According to Dr. Saturnino Javier, health workers have been cleared to go back to work even if they did not complete their 14-day quarantine following some guidelines.

The premier Makati hospital earlier said its emergency department “will try” to give preliminary evaluation and treatment to patients but “cannot guarantee a room” for admission.

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