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Catholic church discourage holding hands while praying amid fears of coronavirus spread

The Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines is discouraging Catholics from holding hands when they pray amid coronavirus outbreak.

All other forms of contact between Mass participants are also discouraged. This includes holding hands when reciting ‘Our Father’ or shaking them during the ‘sign of peace’.

The CBCP urges parishes to regularly change holy water at the entrance to churches and install "protective cloth" on the grills of confessional.

The Filipino bishops also released an Oratio Imperata for people affected by the virus and the prevention of a global epidemic.

"In praying we invite ourselves with all our brothers and sisters suffering with the disease brought by this virus, bring up to God our longing for them to be restored to full health and humbly pray that we may be spared from infection of this virus,” CBCP Secretary-General Fr. Marvin Mejia said.

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