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China's Wuhan reports 0 cases of COVID-19 for the first time since the outbreak

The central Chinese city of Wuhan, the epicentre of the country's coronavirus outbreak, reported no new infections for the first time, while imported cases surged by a record, led by new infections in the capital of Beijing. 

The country reported 34 new cases of coronavirus yesterday, all imported from overseas.

Instead, the threat is now coming from overseas. The number of cases and deaths outside China have exploded in the past two weeks, with the pandemic hitting the US and Europe particularly hard If China is any model to go by, these countries could have months to go before reaching zero new local transmissions.

That brings the total number of confirmed cases in mainland China so far to 80,928, the health authority said in a statement on Thursday.

The death toll from the outbreak in mainland China had reached 3,245 as of the end of Wednesday, up by eight from the previous day.

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