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Chinese worker seen rubbing his shoes on face masks for export, draws anger to netizens

While the world is busy battling with the coronavirus pandemic, a video surfaced posted in twitter by a Chinese coronavirus vlogger on Monday, (March 30) shows how a Chinese factory worker rubbed his shoes on surgical masks bound for export.

In the video, the Chinese worker can be seen soiling the facemask meant for foreign clients by grabbing a handful of surgical mask and rubbing it on his shoe.

"Chinese factory worker runs his shoes on the masks asking the camera man if this is good enough. Are these the masks for export? Can we trust China to do the West's manufacturing?",
the Chinese vlogger from Wuhan who named himself as Harry Chen PhD said on his tweet.

Chen, who is popular for posting insider videos of the outbreak in Wuhan, said that the video was originally posted in Douyin, the Tiktok version of the country,  but was immediately deleted in the server by government minders.

Recently, a number of reports have surfaced alleging that the test kits, face masks and other medical supplies donated and sold by China are defective. It is also shifting the blame to the U.S. military for bringing the virus in their country.

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