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Companies in Taiwan discouraging migrant workers on having vacation or face quarantine

Multiple companies in Taiwan are starting to discourage their migrant workers to go on a vacation or face unpaid quarantine when returning amid coronavirus outbreak.

Though there is no memo on Taiwan government about the quarantine measure, it is the prevention measure of a company to do a 14-day unpaid quarantine, according to sources from companies in Taiwan.

Recently, Taiwan's 44th coronavirus case has travel history to Philippines before being tested positive with the virus. Companies will surely take this news very seriously specially for overseas Filipino workers (OFW).

If an employee is on a 14-day quarantine, it will affect the workforce. Same with migrant caregivers, it will be costly to have a home quarantine.

The Ministry of Labor (MOL) continues to cooperate fully with the Central Epidemic Command Center in promoting epidemic prevention measures to migrant workers.

The MOL has posted information on COVID-19 in English, Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai, and Indonesian on its website to prevent migrant workers from becoming a loophole in prevention efforts.


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