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Dean Koontz predicted COVID-19 disease as "Wuhan-400" in 1981 novel

As the new coronavirus disease 2019 which originated from Wuhan, China,  claims new victims around the world, Twitter users have pointed out that in the 1981 novel, "The Eyes of the Darkness," there is a disease called "Wuhan-400."

American author Dean Koontz wrote in chapter 39 of his book about a virus developed in military labs near the city of Wuhan by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) as a biological weapon.

Wuhan-400 has little in common with COVID-19, the novel also says that Wuhan-400 “afflicts only human beings” and that “no other living creature can carry it” but Covid-19 is believed to have crossed over to humans from animals. 

Some people were skeptical about Koontz's prediction 39 years ago, however, pointing out that earlier editions of the book refer to the virus as Gorki-400, a production of the Soviet Union.

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