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Employee of Taiwan's vaccine maker Academia Sinica tests postive with COVID-19

Taiwan's Academia Sinica reported one positive case of COVID-19 which is part among its staff at a time when the number of confirmed cases in the country has increased due to a rise in imported cases, CNA reported.

The infected employee has been admitted to a hospital for treatment, and 16 people who had close contact with that person have been asked to undergo home quarantine, in a statement by the research institute.

Another 25 colleagues who have been in close proximity of the working areas of the infected person have been asked to be home quarantined, the statement added.

The work of the infected staff did not involve any contact with people outside the institute and also did not engage in any epidemic prevention work or vaccine development, according to Chang Kang-wei, head of Academia Sinica's Department of General Affairs.

Academia Sinica of Taiwan known to synthesize potentital coronavirus cure antiviral drug 'remdesivir' and a 15-minute testing kit of COVID-19.

The Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced 27 new COVID-19 cases in Taiwan, the highest daily growth, pushing up the total to 135. 


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