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Every coronavirus patient in Taiwan carry a cost of NT$2.1 million: Health minister

Every COVID-19 patient carry a social cost of NT$2.1 million according to Taiwan Health and Welfare Minister Chen Shih-chung, Taiwan News reported.

The health minister used the calculation about costs to call on individuals who had to stay at home to shoulder their social responsibility and do not violate the quarantine measure.

One patient could infect 10 others, who could pass on the virus to another 100 people, everybody needed to exert the utmost vigilance, Chen said. 

The minister described himself as a small screw in the system, with each member of the public being a screw. Only when all of them were tightened, would society be strong enough to face down the epidemic, according to Chen.

Taiwan recently reported 322 coronavirus cases, including five deaths and 39 people who had recovered and left the hospital.


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