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Filipinos are not allowed to go abroad while under "enhanced community quarantine"

Filipinos are barred from leaving the Philippines through any of the international airports in Luzon starting March 17 under the imposed enhanced community quaratine by President Duterte.

Land, air and sea travel already restricted. Outbound passengers (foreigners) intending to depart via Luzon airports will have 72 hours from the effectivity of the quarantine to leave.

Only uniformed personnel transporting medical supplies, individuals carrying lab specimens, and those on humanitarian missions are allowed to travel by air.

Inbound passengers who are in transit will still be allowed entry but will be subject to quarantine procedures if coming from countries covered by the travel restrictions.

Inbound Filipino citizens and holders of permanent resident visas will also still be allowed entry. 

"I have come to the conclusion that stricter measures are necessary. For this reason pursuant to my powers as President under the Constitution and Republic Act 11332, I am placing the entire mainland of Luzon under quarantine until April 12, 2020 coinciding with the end of the Holy Week," President Duterte said. 


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