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Inconsistent weather forecast in Taiwan, from 30℃ to 14℃ with rain showers this week

The Central Weather Bureau (CWB) said that the current warm sunny weather is forecast to change Tuesday (Mar 10) due to the arrival of a frontal system and northeasterly winds turn stronger.

There will be rain showers to the north and northeast of Taiwan. The mercury could dip by six to seven degrees with the high in northern areas around 21 degrees and 24 degrees in central and southern Taiwan, the weather bureau forecast.

Late night and early morning temperature can reach up to 14 degrees Celcius in the upper half of Taiwan while 18 degrees Celcius in Southern part.

The CWB estimates that the northeast monsoon relay will affect the Taiwan on Wednesday (Mar 11) as northern Taiwan will be cold all day long with 14 degrees be the lowest

CWB also pointed out that the cold air will quickly weaken after the 11th and warmed up again on the 12th, but another wave of stronger cold air will be reported on the 13th (next Friday) where the temperature will drop again and the north will turn rain.

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