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Individual retailers hoarding prices of face masks and sanitary supplies which they sell online

Several shoppers go the to groceries to buy in bulk several food and sanitary supplies specifically, masks and sanitisers mas the number of cases of COVID-19 infections in the country rose.

Meanwhile, retailers are hoarding the prices of sanitary supplies with some a regular face mask price P2-P20 while a 500ml alcohol priced at P70-P75 now at P750.

The hoarding of prices was used by individials who stock pile some supplies and resell them with higher price. This doing earned irk from lots of netizens specially those who are in need of the supplies.

“Panic buying is not good for the market. It will disrupt the inventory of our stocks, and consumers who need the items the most will not be able to buy them anymore,” according to Philippine Retailers Association (PRA) spokesperson Robert Go.

Health officials advised that frequent hand washing and wearing face masks in crowded places can help ward off the disease.

President Duterte placed the country under a State of Public Health Emergency following the surge of the COVID-19 cases in the country, the confirmation of its local transmission and the second fatality of the virus.

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