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OFW caregiver in Taiwan requests for transfer due to sexual harassment, broker refused

In a post by Alona Faye in a Facebook group, she mentioned that her sister who is a first time working in Taiwan as a caregiver requesting to transfer to other employer due to sexual harassment.

Additionally, the employer is too strict that she does not allow the OFW to cook her own food and not allowed to use smartphone.

Check post by Alona Faye:

Failure to provide safe accommodation and having no substitute help correlated highly with incidences of sexual abuse or harassment, call 1955 for help

Take note that it is illegal in Taiwan for employers to keep the passport, national health insurance card or residency permit of foreign home helpers.

Migrant domestic helpers are not covered by Taiwan's Labor Standards Act, and they need the consent of their employers to receive a pay hike, which analysts said accounts for the stagnation in wages for nearly one third of them.


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