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OFW in Taiwan charged by its broker to pay NT$20,000 for processing of re-hire status

A OFW in Taiwan seeks advice from other OFWs that if it is legal for a broker to charge a whopping NT$20,000 (Php34,000) for processing status of her re-hire contract.

The sender is also choosing other options to just transfer to other company to avoid the processing fee by the broker.

Check below post by Hsien Hsien:

The Standards for Fee-Charging Items and Amounts of the Private Employment Services Institution by the Ministry of Labor (MOL), brokers cannot charge more than NT$1,500 per month in service fees from a worker’s on their third year.

Those being overcharged or charged a placement fee twice, to call the complaint hotline 1955 according to MOL which is available in several languages such as Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese and English.



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