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OFW in Taiwan charged by its broker to pay NT$20,000 for processing of re-hire status

A OFW in Taiwan seeks advice from other OFWs that if it is legal for a broker to charge a whopping NT$20,000 (Php34,000) for processing status of her re-hire contract.

The sender is also choosing other options to just transfer to other company to avoid the processing fee by the broker.

Check below post by Hsien Hsien:

The Standards for Fee-Charging Items and Amounts of the Private Employment Services Institution by the Ministry of Labor (MOL), brokers cannot charge more than NT$1,500 per month in service fees from a worker’s on their third year.

Those being overcharged or charged a placement fee twice, to call the complaint hotline 1955 according to MOL which is available in several languages such as Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese and English.



  1. Same issue as always. Many of my colleagues are now on the edge of calling 1955. Some already did and get paid.


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