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PH points out that Taiwan's 44th case already infected with coronavirus before travelling

Philippines' Department of Health (DOH) received reports that a Taiwanese confirmed with COVID-19 case among foreign nationals who had a history of travel to the Philippines.

The case is a Taiwanese male in his 30's who visited the Philippines from February 28 to March 3. He developed abdominal discomfort and diarrhea on March 2, and experienced sore throat, fever, and malaise on March 3.

The patient consulted at an outpatient clinic in Taiwan on March 4, and was confirmed positive for COVID-19 on March 5. The onset of symptoms on March 2 points to possible infection before the patient traveled to the Philippines.

Though Taiwan's command center said it believes he was infected in the Philippines, and is currently conducting screening on the people he has been in contact with based on his travel history.

Taiwan has reported 44 cases of the virus, including one person who has died and 12 who have been discharged from the hospital following mandatory quarantine periods while Philippines reported 5 confirmed cases and one of them died.


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  1. taiwan trying to clean image.using other nationality to blame the. irus case in.their country.maybe.thats one.reason they dont want travel ban so.that infected patient from taiwan.can go out and in them.later on.blame where they came.on. stupid to say that phils dont have the means to test virus.but taiwan have more infected patient.dont cover up.accept.the.fact that.u cant control and.your ways.of fighting the virus is.not effective��


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