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Phone screens are "potential route of infection" for coronavirus and can live up to a week

Scientists warn that coronavirus can survive on hard surfaces such as phone screens for up to a week and offers a potential route of infection.

The virus spreads by droplets released through coughs and sneezes and the residue can remain potent for seven days on surfaces such as handles and handsets. 

“It’s possible, theoretically, for this to live on a smartphone. If you had it out and someone sneezed or coughed on it and then you handled the phone, you could pick up infection that way,” said Daniel R. Kuritzkes, Chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases at Brigham.

It’s long been the guidance of Apple, Samsung and other phone makers to use a microfiber cloth to clean up your device.

To effectively kill the virus on a surface, you need disinfectant solution for instance, something with at least 55% isopropyl alcohol.

Experts warn phones could be acting as a petri dish cultivating the killer microbe and say alcohol wipes should be used twice a day to disinfect the device.


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