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Pick fresh strawberries in Taiwan's Miaoli, known as the "Strawberry Kingdom" of the island

Miaoli is known as Taiwan’s “Strawberry Kingdom,” where you can your bucket of fresh strawberry while enjoying a good view of nature. Farms in Miaoli offer plenty of fun extras like jam-making workshops and DIY ice cream.

Plump, sweetly scented strawberries hang on the vine in the greenhouse. With buckets and scissors in hand, visitors get ready for picking. 

Strawberries that are more proportional and darker in colour have a better flavour. Larger strawberries are not necessarily better, and avoid the strawberries that are too white in colour as they have not ripened.

Strawberries season start from December until May. Visitors come to enjoy fresh berries and DIY ice cream. Visiting Dahu Township in Miaoli County during the strawberry season is a fun experience not to be missed.

How to get there?

From Miaoli train station, take bus 5656 or 5662 and drop off at Dahu. You will see lots of farms when you got off.


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