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Social distancing is the best key in limiting spread of COVID-19: Public health expert

National Taiwan University (NTU) College of Public Health dean Chan Chang-chuan said People need to keep a social distance of at least 2m, as the college presented its seventh weekly report on COVID-19 at a morning news conference.

Public health expert yesterday warned that too many people are meeting in small groups in coffee shops and restaurants without keeping a proper distance from one another and he urged the government to loosen the criteria for testing young Taiwanese returning from abroad for COVID-19.

He saw many young people in coffee shops and restaurants over the weekend, which made him “very concerned,” which is why he is urging everyone to avoid such gatherings, and if they are necessary, participants should remain at least 2m apart, he said.

College vice dean Tony Chen said the global outbreak shows that it is a “social virus” that spreads rapidly among people through social activities, and based on global statistics from the past few days.

However, Chan said that the public needs to remember that the common enemy is the virus, not infected people or those under quarantine and people who have direct contact with them, such as healthcare workers.

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