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Taiwan believes that the 44th coronavirus case was infected in the Philippines

The 44th coronavirus case involves a northern Taiwan man in his 30s, who traveled to the Philippines between Feb. 28 and March 3, announced by the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC).

The man began suffering from abdominal pain and diarrhea in the Philippines on Monday, and developed a sore throat and fatigue after returning to Taiwan on Tuesday, according to the timeline provided by the CECC.

After being tested for the virus on Wednesday, he was diagnosed and quarantined in a negative-pressure isolation room, the CECC said.

The command center said it believes he was infected in the Philippines, and is currently conducting screening on the people he has been in contact with based on his travel history.

Philippine officials have yet to confirm the information.

The Philippines, which has reported only three cases of the virus as of Thursday, last month briefly included Taiwan in a travel ban it has applied to China, Hong Kong and Macau.

Taiwan has reported 44 cases of the virus, including one person who has died and 12 who have been discharged from the hospital following mandatory quarantine periods.



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  2. hey taiwan stop making issues you do much effort exposing other nationalities who are infected in taiwan but u cant expose your own citizen who are're acting like other nationalities brought virus in your're like putting the blame to others.why?trying to cover up that u cant control the virus?it's unfair that you're giving so much publicity when an infected patient is not your citizen.why didnt expose the first infected or first 10 patients?to give awareness to people in taiwan just like u did when an indonesian was infected,u exposed all her details of whereabouts as if the indonesian brought the virus in your country,wherein she's only infected that one filipino was infected you're again noisy.he only went home in phils for 5 days nobody knows if he was infected before he went fair with your news .dont create a negative impression to filipinos and indonesia by giving so much exposure to us while u keep the privacy of your infected citizens.expose all the whereabouts of those first 38th cases in your country too,not only other nationalities.remember phils and indonesia have less case infected you have more infectes case,so stop acting like indonesia and phils brougth the virus🙄


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