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Taiwan health minister: Coronavirus can survive over 50°C of summer temperature

Taiwan's Health Minister and Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) Head Chen Shih-chung noted that viruses, including coronavirus can survive at well over 50 degrees Celsius.

Summer's warm temperature can somehow slow down but cannot kill the coronavirus as some have anticipated.

There is no guarantee and that the government "can only hope but not count on the theory," Chen said. Most viruses are able to survive environments under 50 degrees Celsius, summer temperatures are not enough to kill the coronavirus.

Many Taiwanese experts have agreed that the warm summer solution is no way to be certain whether the coronavirus will retreat during the summer months.

According to the CECC, COVID-19 confirmed cases in Taiwan now at 42, one Taiwanese has died of the virus, while 12 others have been discharged from hospitals following mandatory medical quarantines.


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