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Taiwan one of safest country in the world amid coronavirus pandemic

Chung Shan Medical University Hospital Pediatric Emergency Department Director called Taiwan as one of the safest country in the world amid coronavirus pandemic with huge efforts from the government.

Director Hsieh Tsung-hsueh pointed out that Taiwan is the safest country in Asia but based on the infections made by coronavirus, it "might" be the safest country worldwide.

The government has made great efforts to contain the virus and he is grateful to be protected by such a strong medical system, according to Hsieh.

Taiwan's experience in fighting epidemics and its decision to screen inbound flight passengers from China at an early stage has so far helped the country contain the outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus disease, per Taiwan's health minister.

The expansion of screening has so far helped prevent large scale community-level outbreaks in the country.

Taiwan currently registered 50 coronavirus cases considering its distance from mainland China.

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