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Taiwan opens first voice-operated bilingual ticketing machine at a MRT station

Passengers can purchase single-journey MRT tickets using a voice-operated ticketing machine at Zhongshan MRT Station, according to Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation (TRTC).

“Passengers only need to follow on-screen instructions and say the Chinese name of the station they wish to travel to or the station’s code in English to purchase the ticket,” TRTC said in a report by Taiwan News.

The ticketing machine is on a trial basis for six months. If feedback goes positive, other station will get the same voice operated machine.

The voice-operated ticketing machine has precise speech recognition and microphones with noise-canceling. The technology came out to develop technology over the new coronavirus with no hand touch on the machine.

According to the TRTC, it’s easy to operate the machine by simply following the on-screen instructions:

1. First, touch the 'Purchase Ticket' option on the screen, and the system will enter the voice ticketing mode

2. Speak your desired station name clearly into the black microphone above the screen; follow the instructions and say the number of tickets you wish to purchase

3. Confirm your purchase, and insert the money required to complete the procedure

For example, if foreign travelers wish to buy two tickets to Ximen MRT Station, they simply say “BL Eleven, two tickets, confirm," the report said.


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