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Taiwan requires all commuters to wear face mask in all public transportation

The Central Epidemic Epidemic Command Center announced the social distance principle for epidemic prevention and of them is to require commuters to wear face mask on public transport.

It is recommended that the public maintain an appropriate social distance, based on 1 meter outdoors and 1.5 meters indoors. If the distance cannot be maintained, such as in a public transport, people are advised to wear masks.

Health minister Chen Shih-chung admits that this is not possible on MRT trains or public buses.l specially on peak hours. Chen says in situations like that, commuters should wear masks to protect themselves.

He adds that the government is not looking to punish people who violate social distancing principles, but rather hopes to get people in the habit of keeping a distance from each other.

The Transportation ministry announced that from April 1st, all public transportation, including Taiwan Railway, High-speed Railway, and highway passenger-operated passenger stations, passengers must wear masks to enter the station, and their body temperature must be measured.

Wearing of fave mask also include 1,298 post offices, service areas of highway systems including expressways, and transfer stations for highway passenger transport, they also need to take body temperature and wear masks.


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