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Taiwan residents may buy 9 face mask under the new rationing system starting April

Taiwan's mask rationing system still in effect as significant changes will apply by mid April with more easier access to surgical mask, announced by the Central Epidemic Control Center (CECC).

Residents will have access to nine (9) masks for adults and 10 for children every 14 days am improvement from three per week at present starting April 9, health Minister Chen Shih-chung said to the press.

Consumers will be able to buy all nine adult masks or all 10 children's masks in one purchase. The rationing system still able to record all purchase.

Increased production of the surgical masks made it possible to add more mask as demands still surging.

The masks will still be available at designated drugstores and pharmacies at a cost of NT$5 per mask by presenting a resident NHI card. (CNA photo)


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